I'm Nick, I am a Motion-Graphics Artist, Online & VFX compositor, and Line-Producer/Fixer for Flim service in Thailand. I also have experience in website content management.
I work fast and get things done. I'm passionate about every project I do. And always learning new things.
Below are the details of my experiences. 
2007-2010 I worked as a Motion-Graphics Artist for a TVC post-production studio in Bangkok called Finito.
At Finito, I was responsible for all design work from company CI to visual frames for visual effects and motion graphic animation for all commercials that come through this company. 
2010 I decided to move to London to gain more experience. I started freelancing as a motion graphics artist at various companies as such AKQA, MPC, etc. 
2010-2013 I worked as a Motion-Graphics Technical Director for Jellyfish Pictures in Soho, London. At Jellyfish I started with a project called ‘Planet Dinosaur’ for BBC and got hired as the Lead Motion designer and later Technical Director. Here I worked on many projects and I was nominated for a few awards such as Primetime EMMY, BAFTA, and VES award.
2014 This year I decided to travel back to Thailand on my bicycle with my friend and ended up going on this trip for 1 year. londonbkk2014.tumblr.com
2015-2018 After I moved back to Thailand, I worked as a freelance Motion-Graphics artist and also explored other areas such as a Manager at a hotel in Bangkok, worked as an Assistant vice president for a company that manages a sports academy at the same time started transitioning into producing work for film service. 
2018-2023 I worked as a Line producer for Lime production
At this company, I manage the film shoot from start to finish. From budgeting to delivering the footage to our clients. I worked on many commercial film shoots with Lime productions such as Old Spice, Rexona, Lazada, Hotels.com, and more.  Our Production clients are ASAP, BISCUIT, SEDONA, WENNEKER, FINCH
2020-2024 I worked as Head of Studio for Gembridge. This job was full-time remote work. Our headquarters is in Singapore but the team is located in various places around the world, such as London, Cape Town, Bangkok, Geneva, New York, and Beirut. I started as a producer for studio gem shoots and gradually handled more responsibility as listings grew and ended up in the Head of Studio position. Below are some of my responsibilities at Gembridge.
- Bangkok hub liaison work
- Listings management & coordination
- PR/marketing support 
- Liaise with members listing with Multiple listings
- Traffic management, Studio Administration
- Oversee and manage listings post-production team (editors)
- Oversee and manage the Cataloguing team